Earn money for walking! Sounds absurd, right?

Well, there are free legit apps that pay to walk anywhere in India.
However crazy it may seem, it’s true.

To know more about apps that reward for walking and get paid for each step, read the article below!

Ever wondered about the “Rat Wheel”?

No? I’ll tell you…
It’s a simple wheel, which rotates when a rat runs on it.
And that motion is used to generate electrical energy.


Crazy! Right?

Now, consider another such wheel, let’s call it, the “Money Wheel”.
And, I’m sure you’ll love it.

In this virtual wheel, you walk, and your motion is used to generate money, which then gets dropped straight into your pockets.

And the best part, there’s no investment required to create a “Money Wheel”.
You can create it anywhere, anytime.

Long story short, you’ll be surprised to know that there are real legit apps that pay you for walking in India.🤯

Yeah, that’s as crazy as it sounds.


Now, this is something, which you would do anyhow.

And a chance to create money from the same!!!
That’s an untapped income opportunity.

We all know how beneficial ‘Walking’ is for our health.
Now, people have even begun to see differences in their entrepreneurial careers, too, in just a few steps.

And let me tell you that you’re going to make 100% passive income, without any extra work.

Love the idea?
Then, let’s dive right into “Free Legit App That Pays to Walk in India in 2022“.

Free Legit App That Pays to Walk

So friend, before we begin;
Get your shoes on and tees out.😎

Coz, here’s the legit app that earns you money for walking in India.
No strings attached.



What is Growfitter?

As per the company’s claims, “ is India’s Biggest Incentivised Wellness Platform.”

Founded: 2016
Founders: Sanmati Pande, Harshit Sethy

Growfitter aims for individuals and families to “adopt an active & healthy lifestyle by incentivizing them”.

Registered Users: 7M+

Growfitter pays you for Walking, Running, Cycling, Gym, Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Health quizzes, and many more fitness activities.

It also hosts online workout sessions for its users.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS

Apart from that, Growfitter also has an inbuilt store, where you can buy in:

  • Grooming
  • Apparels
  • Fitness
  • Electronics

You could also redeem your Growfitter points and get items from the Growfitter Store, all for free!
More on this, below.

Is Growfitter legit?
Yes! Growfitter is PP-Verified. It’s a 100% legit app.

So, if you want to get rewarded to get fit, Growfitter is the way to go.

How to Sign up on Growfitter?

To sign up on Growfitter, and start getting rewarded for walking and getting fit, follow the steps below:

  1. Click here or the button below to get redirected to Growfitter’s downloads page.

Alternatively, you can go to Play Store or AppStore and search for “Growfitter”.

  1. Open the app upon successful installation.
  2. Click on the option, “Don’t have an account? Sign up”.
  1. A new window will appear. Click on the ‘Start now’ button.
  2. A popup will appear. Choose the option, “Sign up with mobile number”.
  1. Fill in your mobile number, name, and email. Set your 6-digit password.
  2. Click on the option, “Have a Referral Code?”.
  1. Enter the Code- “AFFAU5C6” & earn 20 bonus Growfitter points.


Growfitter Bonus Code
  1. Click on the ‘Sign up‘ button.

You’re now signed up to get rewarded to walk!

How to Earn Money on Growfitter?

If you want to know all about “how to earn Growfitter points” in under one minute, then, watch the video below:

1- Step Count

The most basic way to make money on Growfitter is “Walking”.

1000 Steps: 1 Growfitter Point

You can earn up to 5 Growfitter Points (5000 steps) daily by walking, which later can be redeemed for various amazing rewards.

2- Growfitter Activities


Another great way to earn Growfitter points is to take part in “Activities”.
Growfitter, currently, supports 5 activities:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Nearby activities
  • Health quiz

Upon successful completion of any such activity, you’ll earn 5 Growfitter points & 1 active day.

3- Growfitter Refer and Earn

Growfitter also has a “Refer and Earn” program.

Whenever you refer a friend to Growfitter, you can earn up to 20 Growfitter points.
10 Points on sign-up.
10 Points on their first activity.

4- Growfitter Challenges

Lastly, you can take part in Growfitter Challenges, and complete the respective tasks to earn Growfitter points and other goodies.

The challenges are a great way to get rewarded while pushing your limits & getting fit.

Growfitter Rewards


And now, the section you’ve been waiting for Growfitter Rewards.

Growfitter hosts all types of rewards, from online subscriptions to the latest iPhones.

To earn rewards, you have to successfully complete the fitness activities for the number of days mentioned in the reward goal.

Apart from the rewards with required activity goals, there are also rewards that can be redeemed with Growfitter points only.

So, in order to max out your earnings on Growfitter, earn as many Growfitter points as possible and have long active day streaks.

Note- Rewards marked with “Premium” are solely for users with Growfitter Premium subscriptions.

Growfitter Review

  • Who Can Join: Indian Citizens
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Ways to Earn: Step Counts, Activities, Refer & Earn, Challenges
  • Payout Options: Gift Vouchers, Subscriptions, & lots of expensive goodies
  • Sign Up: Click Here
  • Bonus Code: AFFAU5C6
  • How to Sign Up: Click Here


Honestly, earning money online can’t get easier.
Who thought, get paid to walk apps would ever exist?

You just need to walk a little, which you would do anyhow, and get paid for your steps.

So, if you’re living anywhere in India, I would highly recommend downloading the app mentioned above and earning money for walking.
As simple as that.

If you’ve any other recommendations for legit apps that pay you to walk in India in 2022, feel free to drop them below;
We’ll add it here.

Share the article with your loved ones & help them make easy money online.

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