Get paid to read books?! You may laugh it off at first. I know it just sounds too awesome to be true. But, believe me, I’m not kidding. You can really get paid to read books. Excited? Stay with me and I’ll show you how!

I completely agree, it’s no short of being a dream job, especially when you’re an avid reader who loves to read all day. Plus additional money on the side, doing what you love. And, who hates extra money?😏

And who doesn’t love reading books? Maybe a fictional journey to the magical land of Hogwarts or a deadly paranormal tale. A self-development masterpiece or a dummy’s guide to playing guitar. And so much more.

(Not to mention those tiresome syllabus textbooks 🙁 )

When you read a book, it’s a clear win-win situation already. And now, this opportunity of making money really blew my mind too.

What I mean to say is, if you’re a bookworm( as they say :)) and read 3 books a month, you could be making $100-$300 per month using the experience and knowledge you gained reading them and putting in a little work.

Sounds amazing, am I right? In case you don’t know, the Internet is full of simple hacks to make and save more money. So, stay tuned to Passive Plunders where we keep posting all this stuff so that you don’t have to worry about your finances, no matter how tight your budget may be. And yes, you need to go nowhere. That comfy couch works just great.

Come on! Grab that novel. Lets move straight into it.

How to Earn Money Reading Books?


You’ll be surprised, but, there’s not one but multiple ways to boost your income by reading books.

So, just to make sure everyone gets their part in this blog post, I am dividing the income ideas into various categories. You can jump direct to your preferred one, or even better, give a complete read.

Anyways, let’s proceed further and learn about various legitimate ways to make money online reading books.

Write Book Reviews


With books being constantly published, the reviewers are always in demand. No matter what genre you prefer- fiction, non-fiction, classics, or indie books, you’ll always find an opportunity available to get paid to write book reviews.

Just read a book? You probably remember everything. Even more importantly, what’s your experience? How did you feel about it? What did it convey? And your opinion on it. Just, jot that down and your review is ready. It’s that simple.

Reviews are not long, ranging from just about 250 words on average. And trust me, it’s going to be a no-brainer. Plus, it will carve in your mind the plot and special teachings from the book for a long time.

Read this article to learn to write book reviews the pro way!

Below are the trusted sites accepting book reviews from users and paying them for the same.

1. Kirkus Media

It is the most trusted book review site. The reviews you see on Amazon, are mostly Kirkus reviews.

These reviews are written by users just like you and me.

Owing to their huge credibility, you surely need to ace your experience in writing book reviews to get selected in Kirkus Media. And obviously, their payout will be better too.

They hire on a freelance basis. Anyone can apply for the paid reviews by filling the application form attached on the website, along with their CVs and a few writing samples. In case you get selected, you’ll get notified.

Currently, they are looking for book reviewers for English and Spanish Indie titles specifically. If that’s what entices you, give it a chance definitely.

👀 More Information: Check here

2. Reedsy Discovery

Funded by the European Union, Reedsy is an amazing platform providing all the facilities one would need to self-publish a book. And, no doubt, there’s enough space for book reviewers as well.

There are so many top-class indie titles to read even before they’re published. And so many externally published books as well. You can pick any of them and start writing book reviews.

Firstly, if your review brings value to readers, they have an option to send tips. This is amazing and it’s wonderful to see that so many people do tip the reviewers.

Secondly, you will get exposed to a whole new world of writers and industry professionals. You never know, how huge can this be!

If Reedsy is what lures you, check out below for the application form to apply for your dream job to read and earn money. Gladly, the procedure is super simple.

👀 More Information: Check here

3. Online Book Club

It has been here for 10 long years and it’s going to only grow in the future. So, if you’re one of those savvy readers who love to talk about books and books and books only, it’s a place to hang out with over one million active users.

What I love the most about this site is- it’s one of those very very few review sites that are transparent with their pay rates. Yes! It means you can decide beforehand, whether to review a book for the specified price or the other way.

You will start getting paid to read and review as soon as your first review is approved.

They, usually, pay around $5-$60 per book review. And it’s huge if you’re just starting out. So, to begin the signup process, simply put your email via the link below.

👀 More Information: Check here

4. Women’s Review of Books

Part of Wellesley Centers for Women, WRB has been around for 36 glorious years. Without a doubt, the feminist magazine is a really prestigious publication.

WRB reviews scholarship as well as fiction, graphic novels, poetry, and memoir usually (but not always) by women.”

You should be well aware that WRB has set out high standards for itself, providing a “unique perspective on today’s literary world” as they say. And, They expect the same from the writers.

Most of the writers are top academicians, journalists, or book reviewers with years of experience. So, in case you want to walk the race with them, you must yourself be highly qualified and experienced. If you’re interested, send them an email with a proposal right now.

Also, there are $100 for each review.

👀 More Information: Check here

Read Out Loud


No doubt, the world is getting busier day by day. Thus, not everyone is lucky enough to manage time to read. So, they prefer ‘Audiobooks‘.

The incarnation of books to audio, simply called ‘Audiobooks’ is more or less a recent revolution. Thanks to Audible!

Seeing the broad market of audiobooks, writers are always on the lookout for voiceover artists to read their books out loud.

The industry pays incredibly high with rates up to $500 for professional narrators for each hour of completed audio. Even for the voiceover artists just beginning to dip their fingers in the audiobook market, the average pay is quite decent ranging from $30 for each hour of finished audio.

In short, it’s a high-paying lucrative line of work.

I know It’s mind-blowing and you may want to rush through the post to learn about the various sites that pay to audiobook narrators, but, there are some basic requirements you must be aware of. You may check them out here.

So, below are some of the top websites you should visit when looking out for making money by reading books out loud.

1. ACX

Audiobook Creative Exchange of Amazon, or ACX, is a great platform for audiobook narrators to earn money. It is available globally, and you will always find ample opportunities on ACX.

Select any book and audition for book narration. I wish you get shortlisted and then, you are ready to go with the predetermined hourly rate.

The most breathtaking part- You can also earn royalties from sales of your narrated audiobooks!😮

👀 More Information: Check here

2. BunnyStudio

BunnyStudio (aka Voice Bunny previously) is another highly trusted platform for showing off your voice talent and earn money. The platform is full of opportunities like voice-overs, audio ads, podcasts, and translations.

You just need to sign up and submit your voice quality test. Once qualified, you’ll have thousands of potential income resources to your reach.

The greatest feature is you can set your own hourly rates. And you know when you are good enough, no price is too high🤑.

👀 More Information: Check here

3. Brilliance Publishing

Owned by Amazon, Brilliance Publishing is another top-notch company, where storytellers get a professional feel while showcasing their incredible voices.

They have the highest pay rates in the narration industry. So, it’s obvious, that they give work to the top narrators and storytellers only. If you feel, with your heavenly voice, you can rock the industry, you should definitely try.

They keep posting projects on their website. In order to grab the chance, you need to contact them and submit your voice-over demo as soon as a new project is out.

👀 More Information: Check here

4. The Voices

Claiming to be the largest marketplace for audio and voice-over products and services, in the world, The Voices has over one million members.

It is one of the very few websites where you can get projects from multiple industries including audiobooks, podcasting, advertising, broadcasting, animation, voice-overs, translations, and more, all in one place.

You just need to sign up on the website and start with a basic or premium plan and upload a voice demo. Once you qualify, you’ll be connected to the clients. Then, you can negotiate your hourly rates and start to deliver what they need.

Their pay rates, generally, are huge when compared to the industry average. The payments are made punctually with the security of SurePay.

👀 More Information: Check here

Apps That Pay to Read


Hope you read that section above where I discussed several sites that pay money to read books. Now, to your surprise, I’m going to uncover a few apps, available for both Android and iOS users, that will get you paid whenever you read.

I’m sure if you’re a sort of bookworm, you would have tried reading books on your smartphone. Right? They are very handy and the way modern book reader applications give the feel of a physical book is equally pioneering.

But, the story here, is a bit different, I would say. You won’t get any projects to work on and submit work, as discussed earlier. No matter what, the potential earnings can still be huge. How?.. Let’s see!

There are numerous trusted mobile applications that are often on an outlook for reviewers, proofreaders, and summary writers, to name a few, along with many other job opportunities. So, you do the work more like a part-time job, than on a project basis. Of course, they pay well!

This especially intrigues me. If I would ever want to settle as a book reviewer, which, no doubt, is sort of a dream job, I would definitely, go with these giant book companies. This has its own benefits, like, you don’t need to search for opportunities, every now and then. And you have a well-defined pay. So, if you have time to review excellent bestsellers, you can speed read to the links below!

The application procedure is almost same for each one. You need to go to their respective app or website, and look for a page on jobs available. It’s commonly available by the name “Work with Us” or something similar. There, you’ll get all the open positions to apply for. Then, you can submit your proposal and resume. The next step? Sit down quietly and pray that they accept it. 😛

(Being honest, I knew very little about this amazing prospect of earning money while reading. Just, when I was researching to put forward a thorough post, I came across these opportunities and eventually decided to give you at least a short section on this. I hope it will suffice your needs, but, in case you need a more detailed guide, comment below. And I will love to write upon it. 🤗)

Below, are some of the mobile applications that pay to read:

I have tried my best to give you the links to only those apps(+sites) that are highly reliable so that you don’t fall into trouble in the future.

Leverage Freelance Platforms


Whenever browsing for a gig, the first way to go is ‘Freelance Platforms’.

I completely understand that searching for projects can be a demeaning and demotivating experience if you often get crushed down by industry professionals.

Do you know what’s the most striking feature of freelancing sites? They have tasks for almost everyone, no matter if you’re just starting out or already ruling the cut-throat competition. Plus, any possible scam gets prevented automatically. The last trait being on-time secure payments.

Just make sure whatever freelancing site you choose is trusted and reliable. In case you aren’t sure, see through the section below:

1. Upwork

One of the leading freelance sites, Upwork is the space where clients meet professionals. The gigs are in never a shortage with thousands being posted daily.

You just need to register yourself and curate an attractive profile that clearly depicts what you do.

You can search for book review opportunities, and I’m sure you’ll get thousands of options within seconds. Then, You can apply for your desired project and will be ready to go, once shortlisted by the project poster.

Upwork will generally charge around 20 percent of your service price and it’s totally worth it seeing the ease it brings to communication and secure payments.

👀 More Information: Check here

2. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is one of the most popular freelancing sites. You’ll get every type of gig or job, all in one place. The main advantage is you get both the options to choose from- home-based and flexible job opportunities.

Register on the platform by creating a profile or resume and you are ready to go.

It is an ads-free platform so there’s no question of scammy advertisements.

👀 More Information: Check here

3. Fiverr

One of the oldest freelancing platforms that made the term- ‘gigs’ go household. It is a highly trusted website where tech giants like Google, Facebook, etc. approach to outsource their work.

The only thing you need to do is register yourself with a Facebook account or an email id. Based on your choices, you’ll start to see gigs appearing on your feed.

👀 More Information: Check here

4. Freelancer

One of the few highly trusted freelancing sites, Freelancer allows clients and professionals to establish a work connection. Being a professional, you’ll find various projects to showcase your talent and experience.

The signup process is just like any other freelancing website. You’ll find a huge number of jobs for whatever skill you browse.

Freelancer charges a 10 percent commission fee for every project. And the payments are made securely on time.

👀 More Information: Check here

Note- One of the most sought-after and highest-paid freelance skills is- ‘Proofreading’. And it perfectly suits avid readers like you. But, it might get troublesome, to begin within case you’re completely new to proofreading gigs. So, I highly recommend Caitlin’s ‘General Proofreading’ Course. Caitlin has been a professional proofreader since 2007 and what she teaches really works. And works flawlessly!

Click here to proceed to the ‘Free 60-minutes Workshop’ by Caitlin Pyle from Proofread Anywhere.


So, now you already know that there are ample ways to make money online by reading books. So, make sure the next time you pick up your favorite thriller, you also make some money out of it. It is easy and totally worth it.

If you want to start your own online business venture out of reading books, give this terrific article a read!

Tip- Share the article or bookmark it so that you can go through it in the future too.

I hope you loved this article.

Which method did you like the most?… Comment below!

Until then,

Stay Rich!

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