Do you want to start your own business? And love to read books as well? Perhaps, you are at the perfect place. This article will uncover to you various home-based online business ideas for book lovers. And also provide some really insightful and valuable tips which I learned through my experience of several years doing diverse online ventures and failing a lot! But, I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes. So do give them a read!

Also, just in case, you are new to Passive Plunders, we have already published an article- “How to Get Paid to Read Books? (13+ Simple Ways)“. It’s full of amazing strategies and ways to earn money by reading books. No matter whether you’re a newbie or an obsessed bibliophile. So, do give it a read!

Digital Business is the new trend. With lots of opportunities to turn your passion into a profitable business, it’s something to ponder upon. What is better than to have a money-making business where you do what you love. It’s a dream job absolutely.

Shhh…But, before we start, if ‘business’ is the term that annoys you and makes you snatch your hair, this post is probably not for you. And I would respectfully request you to hover the pointer to the top right and drop a click. “Tip”. Yeah, I can hear.

My sincere apologies if it sounded a bit too rude. But I know, through my experience, what it’s like to fall into a race which you never wanted to run. And with the exertion you already went through trying to manage anyhow, you are left without options. Thus, it’s extremely important to ‘Start With Why‘.

(The link is to a book by Simon Sinek, with the same name, and with the same purpose. Do give it a read.)

Look, when it comes to business, whether home-based small online venture or an international brand, half-hearted attempts will always fail. ALWAYS.

And since you’ve managed to read till here with utmost sincerity and determination, I must congratulate you. Because I know, if you persevered through the initial phase ups-n-downs somehow, your life will change forever. And I would definitely love to hear a word from you if you make it to the point, where you wish to finally land while reading this post.

If I can help you make money online legitimately, I will believe I’ve done the work. Because that’s all what I want. Nothing more, nothing less.

(And I got sentimental😢. Just wait a sec. Let me wipe it off.)

So, before starting out, let us sneak a peek in to the world of online entrepreneurship. Follow me!

What does a ‘Solopreneur’ Mean?


First, I must admit I’m in love with this word- ‘Solopreneur‘. (Oh no! Please let it be a secret)

A ‘Solopreneur’ is a term derived from the words- ‘solo’ and ‘entrepreneur’. (I know it was evident. Haha, but just in case.) A Solopreneur is an individual who founds and runs his/her business independently, without any support from a team of professionals, unlike most entrepreneurs.

And in this post, we will learn about various potential strategies that will eventually pave our way to becoming solopreneurs by reading books.

Below I present you the various profitable ideas that I wholly believe, can be scaled into home-based businesses. I’ve seen people making a living out of them, and you, too, can do the same, make money reading books.

Yeah, we gonna setup a whole business out of books. Doesn’t it sound fab!

Are you excited? Don’t let it fade. Keep reading.

1. Book Blog


Book Blogs can be the best option for those who actively read books and love to write about them later. These types of blogs are exceptionally famous among readers and writers and are a regular rendezvous for bookworms. Not to mention that they generate income at the same time.

The two most famous types of book blogs are- Review blogs and Summary blogs.

But, there is absolutely no limitation on what you curate on your blog, provided it brings value to readers.

And the best part is you need zero coding and development skills to own a blog. You just need to buy a domain and hosting, set it up on WordPress(the best website builder) and begin creating content. It’s that simple!

You can buy hosting and domain for your blog from the following links:

NoteYou’ll get a discount of 68% via the link above. Plus, if you buy Premium Plan, domain will be free for a complete year.🥳

Once you have successfully purchased the domain and hosting, the next step is to install WordPress. Read this guide and the installation will become a cakewalk!

Still facing a problem while setting up? Comment below or contact here. I’ll be more than eager to help you out.🤗

To make it further easier for you to start your blog, let me recommend you a book. It’s called “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income“. It is written by Darren Rowse, who is himself a professional blogger, earning $50,000+ every month from his blog. The book is definitely worth a read!

“And where will the money come from? I’m investing on the contrary.”- That’s a very reasonable question. Let me answer it.

Look, the only thing you need is traffic on your blog. The more viewers, the more money you can make. You only need to create content worth reading and sharing and the work is done.

Below are the numerous ways to make money from a book blog:

  • Contextual Advertising– Advertisement networks like Google Adsense and Ezoic, are more than willing to pay you for the traction your blog gets. They show ads on the blog. And whenever a user sees them or clicks on them, you’ll get paid.
  • Affiliate Marketing– You can use affiliate links on your book blog to generate money. These are nothing but trackable links that track the number of referrals you make to a particular product or service. They’ll compensate you in commission for every referral. You can join Amazon Affiliate Program, and drop an affiliate link to every book you review.
  • Sell Ad Space– If your blog gets enough traffic, media companies will start to reach you to put their ads on your blog. You can negotiate and make money online.
  • Offer Services– Starting a book blog means you can offer services like paid reviews and summaries. If you write splendid book reviews or summaries, authors will get in touch with you, and ask you to write the same for their book as well on your blog. This will promote the book for them and make easy money for you.
  • Sponsored Posts– Once your blog starts getting traffic, authorities and brands related to your niche will start approaching you with a request to write a post for their product/service on your blog. And they’ll gladly pay you just to promote their product or service. Next?… You know already!🤑

So, it’s pretty clear that potential earning opportunities are abundance for a blog that hosts great content and become a pivotal point for a large number of readers.

Pro Tips

To create a loyal audience, the niche(or topic) of your blog should be as narrow as possible. For example, if you love self-help books, then, the blog should focus only on that particular type of books, nothing else. No fiction, no classics. Absolutely nothing.

Answer me a question. Suppose you want to buy a red car. You have two options. Company 1 focuses on all types of cars. Company 2 focuses on red cars only, the best red cars available in the market. Where will you go?… The same goes for a blog.

2. Youtube Channel


The earning opportunities of Youtube are new to only those who are new to this world.

Here, I want you to focus on a youtube channel that focuses on stuff related to books. There is so much that can be done. You can start a book review channel. You can share what you learned from the books you read. You can post audiobooks with some sort of video. You can start a podcast channel focusing on books only. And much much more.

You need not care about how to earn on youtube, because there’s no hassle after you fulfill the monetization criteria. Plus, you can sponsor posts too.

So, just focus on creating valuable content and you will have arrived.

Start by reading this book- ‘The Youtube Formula‘. It is always better to start the right way from the very beginning, rather than, failing again and again.

Once you created a youtube channel, comment the name below. I’ll be more than happy to become your first subscriber!😊

Pro Tips

Consistency is key. I can’t emphasize on it enough.

Youtube algorithm is designed in such a way that it won’t start to show your first video on the feeds of millions of people. Probably, you will have no more than a hundred organic views excluding shares.

What you need to understand is- accept the fact that you’ll get a very little number of views on your initial uploads. But, it shouldn’t discourage you. You must keep creating awesome videos. And very soon, you’ll start to get a spike in views and subscribers.

3. Podcasts


Yeah, podcasts are the audio revolution of this era. There are millions of people listening to podcasts daily. Are you one of them? I don’t know, but I know that you can be on the other side making money creating podcasts.

There are so many music-streaming platforms that host podcasts too. They even pay the creators according to the number of subscribers they have and the views they get.

So, isn’t it worth a try? Why not start your own podcast channel, probably, on audiobooks. Since lots of people listen to audiobooks, starting an audiobooks podcast is a fabulous idea and can attract lot many listeners.

I don’t think you should go for creating a one-to-one talk podcast coz that requires authority in your respective field. Why won’t anyone listen to me when nobody knows me and neither have I done anything to boast about. 😑

So, leave that type to Joe Rogan!

Pro Tips

Except on trusted platforms like Audible and such, audiobooks are rare to find. But, it shouldn’t hinder you from creating audiobooks podcasts. How? Read below.

There are numerous AI Narration tools available in the market that can convert texts to audio within minutes. And they sound extremely real too.

One such tool is Designs.ai. It gets super easy to create audiobooks via this tool. And the price is nothing compared to what you can actually make via audiobooks podcast.

Murf is another great AI Narration tool worth a try!

So start creating AI narrated audiobooks and post it on music streaming services.

Isn’t it a breathtaking idea? Comment below!

4. Social Media Page


The world is on social media.

It’s a great idea to start a social media page focused on books. There are book review pages, book summary pages, quotes pages, book lessons pages, and much more.

(One page that I personally follow is ‘Motivengers‘. I don’t mind if you drop a follow too.)

Since there are so many people out there, I don’t doubt if you create phenomenal content, you would be any short of tons of likes and follows and retweets.

Though, there is no direct monetization policy, yet, every big page out there, somehow or the other, is making money. It’s a fact you can’t deny.

How to make money via social media pages?

As soon as you get enough followers (say 1k), you can start reaching out to authors and writers, and related personalities to promote their stuff on your page. At the same time charging them.

Secondly, if you have many followers, smaller pages will automatically start coming to you asking for shoutouts and promotions. You can charge them as well.

You can also post sponsored content. For this, you will need to contact brands and negotiate a promotion deal on your page.

And I may be skipping out on many other techniques. But, this is enough, to show that you can seriously make good amount of money by leveraging the power of social media.

Pro Tips

Start reaching out to similar pages as soon as you start and begin collaborating with them to increase your follower count fast.

If you have a good budget, you can run paid advertisements on various platforms to lure the audience to your page. There is no better way to get traction.


All the above sections are full of ideas and stuffed with online income opportunities so that bibliophiles can make money online while reading their favorite bestsellers.

Since, you have been sincere enough to read till here, I don’t want you to get back from here without pondering upon the ideas I laid for you above and not thinking about the plan you could follow to turn your passion into a home-based online business.

I want you to leverage at least something valuable out of this post. Choose something that you would like to do. Be it a book blog, a youtube channel, a podcast channel, or a social media page. Or something that you yourself come up with. But, you need to choose your favorite one and begin today.

I want to listen from you after a year or two or maybe three, your story to your online success. Your story to your financial independence. Your story to being a financial warrior.

Hope you liked the post!

I’m putting my heart and soul into it. Keep sharing the article and do comment below!

Until then,

Stay Rich!

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