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Passive Plunders may display graphic advertisements for third-party products and services for which it may receive commissions from sales and/or payments for impressions or clicks.

Affiliate Recommendations

Passive Plunders regularly recommends products and services. Some of those recommendations may be for services for which Passive Plunders has an affiliate relationship and may earn commissions on sales.

Passive Plunders does not recommend any product or service based solely on affiliate relationships. Passive Plunders only recommends affiliate tools or services that are actively and currently in use, and worth recommending.

When we’re doing a post on tools we include the best tools possible irrespective of whether they have an affiliate scheme in place or not.

Passive Plunders will never recommend a product or service or even a tool unless it is of top-notch quality and deserves a recommendation. We test them ourselves before placing a link on our website.

This comes at no additional cost to you and our goal is to provide the very best reviews and recommendations. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Passive Plunders may, from time to time, publish articles that have been written by third parties, promoting their product or service. Such articles will be marked as such. Blog posts submitted by representatives of other businesses that fall within our Guest Post Guidelines are not considered Sponsored Articles.