Over the years, Get-Paid-To Sites and Apps have emerged as the easiest ways to make decent money online.

This post lists some clever hacks to boost your gpt site earnings upto 3 times.

Get-Paid-To Sites or better called GPT Sites came like absolute magic in my life. (And that’s its inception story, usually.)

I was quite young and had developed no skills, that could’ve been leveraged to make money online. (Btw, I was busy playing ‘Need For Speed’😁)

I often thought that either the online income brags were SCAMS or the people excelling in it, were some SUPER-TALENTED ALIENS👽.

And look, today, I teach people to make money online, get out of the 9-to-5 loop and experience the real freedom and joy of life!

All the credits go to GPT Sites.

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(So, if you want to be one of such “online” masters of money and not a slave; then you should, without a question, stick to this website.)

Back to the story…I really dunno WHY and HOW, but, one fine day, I decided to give one such site a shot.

I was certain that I was wasting my time, but, when you lose consecutive races on NFS, you sure do crazy stuff🥴!

And. My. Life. Changed.

Not because I managed to make some huge fortune getting paid to do surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, or completing sign-ups.

It definitely wasn’t the case.

The money was actually too little to even deserve a mention, here🤭!

But, the fact that I could really earn money online, doing stuff that I would have done anyhow, left me absolutely amazed.

I was over the moon, then. (Honestly, I remained there for quite some time thereafter😁.)

Fast track 10 amazing years, and I still admire GPT Sites.

GPT Sites and GPT Apps provide such a platform, where you need no basic qualifications, no particular skills, and not even huge chunks of time, to quickly get paid online.

Isn’t that incredibly-amazingly-fabulously-astonishingly awesome?

But, not only my love and admiration have grown for such amazing income generation platforms, which pay users for tiny tasks, but also, I’ve learned some phenomenal techniques and hacks to maximize earnings from GPT Sites/Apps.

These hacks came to me with time and as no fluke.

Actually, I started understanding how things work and began to observe patterns that could easily boost GPT earnings by 2-3x.

And, yeah, they’ve worked like a charm!

I don’t know what $75 instead of $25 every week, would mean to you.

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But, since you could earn it by devoting the same amount of time, it’s definitely a win-win!

So, if you want to triple your GPT site earnings and turn cents into dollars, keep reading further…

Note: Before revealing the tricks, I’m already assuming that you’re using one of the highest paying GPT Site, and not a low-paying scam!

Leverage Sites that Pay in a Higher Valued Currency


This comes as the #1 tip to anyone who wants to earn money with GPT Sites.

I would have actually made hundreds and thousands more, had anyone told me this earlier!

That’s how effective this is.

So, let’s quickly grasp this with an example…

Suppose, there’s a handsome guy named Rohan👦. And he lives in India.
He is in search of some quick cash and realized GPT Sites is the best way.

He discovered 2 such incredible GPT platforms. But, he’s now confused.

The first one is named “RozDhan” and is made in India.
While the second one is a renowned site from the USA called “ySense”.

I can’t guarantee which one will Rohan go with. (He’s handsome, but, is he smart?..that remains a mystery)

But, if I had been in the same position and had to choose only one, I would have opted for ySense, even with closed eyes.

Why ‘ySense’? What’s so great about it?

It’s actually not because I’ve got a crush on USA-based sites.
But, actually, it’s a game of ECONOMY and I understand it.

Okay, let’s get more into it…

India’s currency is Indian Rupee(INR).
And, that of the USA is the United States Dollar(USD).

(Uhm…sorry…I know you knew it. But that’s not what I meant to say.
Keep reading further!)

Actually, USD is a much highly valued currency than INR. Standing around 75 INR for 1 USD.

And the shocking realization…

What 1 USD means to a US citizen is not at all the value of 75 INR for an average Indian. It’s actually far more than that.

And, this creates all the difference.

ySense may easily pay $0.50 for a 5-min survey. Because that’s hardly anything for an average American citizen.

But, RozDhan will never pay Rs. 37(~$0.50) for the same. Not even for a triple-length one.

Do you get the point?

Advertisers know their currency and understand how much will be just enough to lure people to do tasks.

They’re actually masters in it.

That being said, most US citizens would still drop the idea of engaging in a tedious survey for 5 minutes in order to make $0.50.

But, when the same comes for the Indian counterparts, they’ll happily fill them.
It’s Rs. 444 for just an hour.
And Rs. 10,656 for a single day😱.

Why doesn’t ‘RozDhan’ pay the same rate?

It’s simply because they understand the currency value of their country, India.

Rs. 37 for a 5-min survey is not a lure for Indians, it’s a JACKPOT.

And, if they start paying rates equal to ySense, they’ll probably never make money in India.

So, What do you need to do?

In short, you need to look forward to sites that pay in a much higher-valued currency.

When your earnings will be converted to your lower-valued currency, it would turn out to be 2x-3x more.

Seek Higher Pay:Time Ratio


This should come as a no-brainer.

But, it’s startling to see how many still ignore the simple maths and end up spending more time to make the same amount.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page…

What would you choose?

Two 10-min surveys that pay $1.00 each or a 20 min survey that pays $1.50.

Hope you get that.

So, basically prioritize your tasks according to the {Pay:Time} ratio.
And, you’ll be at peace!

So, these were some of those special hacks that work for me and maximize my income from GPT Sites by 2-3 times.

I hope it would help you too, to make more money in less time.

If you feel you’ve got similar hacks, too, just drop a comment below.
Sharing is Caring!

Until then,

Stay Rich!

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