How about turning your smartphone into a money-making machine? Earn money while you eat, sleep and repeat?

If that’s you, I’ve got a terrific idea. In this post, I’ll show you the top 3 legit apps to get paid to receive SMS. Just that. No strings attached. And yes, it requires no investment to set up.

That may sound too awesome to be true. I got that. But, believe me, if you skip this, you’ll surely lose some decent dollars, that you could have earned doing absolutely nothing.

Note that I said “get paid to receive SMS”; so forget about “getting paid to text” or “getting paid to send SMS” or “apps that pay to reply to SMS”. I know such apps exist too. But, without a doubt, they require work to earn money. And here, we’re talking about passive income. So, it’s out of context already!

So, if you’re ready to earn some bucks without investment, just to receive SMS on your mobile, let’s begin exploring the top 3 legit apps that pay real money!

Why Do These Apps Pay?


It’s quite natural to think about how do these apps make money and why do these apps pay you to receive SMS?

Wait for a second, I’ll clear all your doubts.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on questioning the process. This proves you’re one of those smart people who don’t accept everything, only to find later that they got scammed.

Actually, you should always make sure that you know the working system of all such apps that help you or claim to make money. Also, ensure that they are 100% legit.

I too started earning with these apps by receiving SMS, but, until I knew how it actually worked, I was never confident about it.

Here, I’ll share the same.

(Get your specs on, coz it may sound ‘nerdy’🤓)

SMS aggregators and marketing services need to make sure that their message delivery system works perfectly. So, before sending text messages to their subscribers in different countries, they need to test the quality of their SMS delivery.

And for such tests, they need phone numbers from various countries.

You get paid because you allow them to use your number for such tests.

This helps to improve the SMS delivery routes worldwide. And you earn money doing nothing on your end.

So, it’s 100% legit and indeed a splendid way to earn passive income.


Now, you already know how these apps and services work and why you get paid. But, are you really eligible to make money by receiving text messages? Let’s see…

1. Smartphone (Particularly Android)

First of all, you need a smartphone to install the apps that I’ll quickly reveal to you.

That being said, if you have an iOS device, you probably wouldn’t be eligible for at least 95% of such apps.

So, an Android phone is always preferred.

2. Internet Connectivity

That’s a no-brainer.

Your phone number will be connected to the server to receive the SMS messages that it sends, and verify that you got that.

If you don’t connect to the Internet, you won’t receive text messages. And if you don’t receive them, you won’t earn money.

So, the longer your phone has an active internet connection, the better.

3. PayPal Account

I’ve tried many such apps that pay real money to receive text messages on your phone.

What I’ve realized is that most support only one cashout service, that is, PayPal.

Thus, to uplift your income potential to the highest and withdraw what you legitimately earned by receiving the test messages, you definitely need an active PayPal account.

And the best part, it’s more than easy to set up your own PayPal account. I’m linking to a video here. Follow up and quickly get your own account.

Credits: Howtech

Having said that, there are a few apps that support many more cashout services. From crypto to a bank transfer, so, in case, you don’t want to open up your own PayPal account, feel free to use them and get paid real money.

Top 3 Legit Apps to Get Paid to Receive SMS

Now, since you already understand how it all works, let’s quickly cut down straight to the top 3 legit apps that pay real money just to receive text messages.

1. McMoney


Owned by, McMoney is one of the easiest ways to earn money for receiving SMS.

“McMoney is an Android-only app because Android allows us to process the results of the SMS test messages we send to your phone.”

The app is said to be extremely safe and secure to use. “Your personal data is handled according to strict privacy rules.”

Click here to visit the Privacy Policy page.

At last, earning money from McMoney is a no-brainer; just install the app, register for a new account within 2 minutes, give the app the permissions it asks for and forget it.

Yeah, forget it!

You won’t need to check the app again and again. It will work automatically and you’ll earn 100% passive income, putting in no effort.

McMoney also has a referral program. After successfully creating an account, you’ll get a special code. Upon referring people through your code, both of you will get a special bonus.

As far as the minimum cash withdrawal limit is concerned, it varies from country to country. But, if I carefully examine the pattern, it’s mostly $1 for most of the countries.

Having reached the withdrawal limit, you can cash out through PayPal, the only payment method it supports currently.

Code: V5UR747R

(If you use the above code, you’ll earn special bonus cash.🤑)

McMoney Payment Proof:


2. Money SMS

One of the most famous legit apps to get paid real money for receiving SMS, Money SMS boasts 160,000+ registered users.

It works the same as McMoney. And setting up an account is super easy.

Note that it is available for Android only.

It has a more generous referral program, with a commission rate of 30% of the earnings from your referrals.

The minimum cash withdrawal limit is 2 EUR. It supports PayPal, WebMoney & BitCoin.

That being said, Money SMS accepts registrations from much lesser countries as compared to McMoney. And that’s a significant disadvantage.

So, if you happen to be on the merrier side, congratulations. If not, don’t lose hope, we have more such legit apps for you.

Money SMS Payment Proof:

3. SMS Profit

Ranking at #3 on our list is SMS Profit.


SMS Profit makes earning money online as easy as it could ever get. Just quick signup and get paid to receive text messages anywhere in the world.

And the goodness doesn’t end here, SMS Profit also has a comparative high pay ranging from $0.01 to $0.06 per test message. It usually pays $0.02 in most countries.

The best part is you’ll get $0.50 as a bonus for new registration.🤑

The minimum cash withdrawal limit is usually $2.0 and it supports the following payment systems: PayPal, and BitCoin.

And the drawbacks? Well, it doesn’t have any referral program as of now. But, that hardly matters for most of the users.

SMS Profit Payment Proof:

And, here, is the payment proof for SMS Profit.
By the way, SMS Profit has been kind enough to credit an extra $0.37🤗




In this part of the article, I’ve tried to enlist all of the major questions that users generally have in mind regarding all such apps that pay to receive test messages.

In case I fall short to answer that crazy query that just popped up in your head, feel free to comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help you resolve it all.

Having said that, let’s quickly turn back to the frequently asked questions…

1. What should I do with the SMS that I received?

You’ll find that the messages which you receive are generally absurd as if a toddler just jumped on the keyboard. Sometimes, they will also contain links.

Note that you should ignore all such messages and do not reply to them.

The messages are sent just to check the SMS delivery system.

Also, once the amount has been credited to your account for the message received, feel free to delete it.

2. Can these apps read my private messages?

This is one of the most asked questions, not to mention that it definitely deserves attention.

In short, the answer is a NO. These apps don’t forward any messages to the server except the ones which contain a unique test ID that the server creates (test messages).

So, I believe you could be sure that your personal information is safe.

To further rectify the claim, you could read further.

Well, if you visit the sites of the apps (which I’ve already linked above), you’ll see that every one of them has a legit Privacy Policy page.

Note: We never promote any such site/app that is a potential scam. We research thoroughly and extensively to bring to our readers only the best and trusted money-making and saving ideas.

Firstly, to clear any doubt, I’ll request you to read the policies.

Having read that, you’ll find that all the pages explain the same thing that they don’t read or transfer any personal information.

Now, you should be pretty sure that your personal information is safe because you know, the Policy Page is a legal document, and if any of such apps transgress what it states, it can be sued in the courts.

And the reason these apps still operate is that they follow the rules and don’t exploit the privacy of their users.

3. Can I earn more? How to increase the volume of messages?

If your mobile device supports more than one sim card, I’ll advise you to sign up with all the numbers.

Note that the apps have the feature to integrate multiple numbers into one account so that you could withdraw at the same time irrespective of the mobile number through which you have earned the amount.

⬆Number Activations = ⬆Test Messages
⬆Test Messages = ⬆Income

Secondly, another tip would be to register for all the apps and earn with them simultaneously.

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I can’t think of a single reason not to use these apps and get paid to receive test SMS. It’s easy money and it’s 100% passive income.

At the same time, don’t expect to earn enough to replace your full-time job. It would be really lame!

You could only earn a few dollars each month.

And that’s GREAT! Keep in mind that you need not invest even a second once the account is set up.

What are you waiting for, get started NOW!

If you loved the article, don’t forget to share the word.

Also, comment below & share your opinion. I’d love to hear from you!

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