There’s a thing about ‘Passive Income‘. And that is it’s “passive“.😅

To be more specific, passive income streams require zero to little work upfront to sustain and their returns are usually very high compared to the efforts you put in.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffett

So, if you want to really live your life, without being bossed around, you must start to develop your passive income streams.

That being said, to make a significant passive income, you’ll require PATIENCE.
But the returns you get, compounded over time, are huge and totally worth the wait.

No doubt, if you scale the free apps listed here, in the right way;
One day, the listed passive money-making apps will be earning you a pretty impressive amount.

So let’s cut the chase and dive right into the Top 3 Legit Passive Income Apps in 2022 that will make you real money without any work.

Beware: You might find money being credited to your account, even while you sleep. (Keep in mind, snores might frighten them away😏)

Legit Passive Income Apps

There’s a lot of research and work we’ve put in, to create the list, you’re gonna read below.

All of the listed apps, are 100% legit and pay users on time.

Note that none of the apps listed here, require any investment from your side. They’re completely free passive income apps.

I highly recommend using all or as many apps as possible, simultaneously.

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So, if you want to earn money with zero effort, even while you sleep, then, read on…

1. Peer2Profit


What is Peer2Profit?

Peer2Profit is a platform that gets you paid to share your unused Internet bandwidth.

The Internet bandwidth you share is sold to legitimate businesses and organizations, that use it for:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And More Legit Services

Once the free internet traffic (contributed by users) is sold, Peer2Profit distributes a part of the income among the contributing users as a reward.

Is Peer2Profit safe and secure to use?

Back to the issue of security, I can say with sufficient confidence, that Peer2Profit is safe, secure, and legit.

Here’s why:

  • No Investment Required
  • No Data Collection
  • Transparent ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’

Supported Platforms

The picture below lists all the platforms currently supported by Peer2Profit.


I hope you use at least one of the above.
Otherwise, you’re missing a good chance to make a decent passive income.

Anyways, you’ll find more legit passive income apps on this list.
Hopefully, they’ll work. 🤜🤛

How Much Can You Earn with Peer2Profit?

Back to the main question.
But, before we begin, let it be told, that you’re not chasing gold, instead, you’re aiming for free cash without any work.

So, as per the official reports from Peer2Profit, expected earnings from one device range from $2 to $15 per month, depending on the location (country, city, network type).

That’s the highest you can make with any app or website by sharing your free Internet traffic.

As far as the Peer2Profit traffic rates are concerned, go through the attached picture below.


Also note, that you can make even more by connecting more devices with different network IPs and by sharing your referral link.

Peer2Profit Referral Program

Indeed, Peer2Profit has the most generous Referral Program, better than any of its competitors.

For each of your referrals, you’ll earn equal to 50% of their income, as commission.

Note- This doesn’t mean that your referral’s income is halved. Instead, you’ll receive extra money from the company, as a reward, just to promote them.🤑

How to Sign Up on Peer2Profit?

  1. Click here or on the button below to get redirected to the Peer2Profit sign-up page.
  1. Click on the “Sign Up to Peer2Profit” button on the page.
  2. Enter your email address and password. Accept the User Agreement.
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button.
  1. Verify your Email address.
  2. Download the Peer2Profit app for your platform.
  3. You’re Done! Kudos!🎉

Payout Methods

Peer2Profit supports 15 withdrawal methods, as of now.
And that’s pretty amazing.

The picture below lists all of them…


I would recommend withdrawing in cryptocurrency.
If you time it right, $5 could later turn to $10.

Minimum Withdrawal Limit: $2

Peer2Profit’s withdrawal limit is just another cherry on the top.
You’ll rarely find any legit passive income app with such a low withdrawal limit.

Peer2Profit Payment Proof

It feels crazy that you can make money selling your unused Internet traffic.
It might sound too good to be true and you may be a little skeptical about it.🤨

In this section, I’ll hope to resolve your doubt and show that Peer2Profit is a 100% legit app and you can really make money with it.

Below, I’m attaching payment proof for Peer2Profit…


So, yes, Peer2Profit surely pays. And you too can start making passive money with this app by sharing your Internet bandwidth.

Peer2Profit Review

Currently, with 4,562 reviews on TrustPilot, Peer2Profit rates an impressive 4.6.

Really Pays!!!

Pays fast and earns faster than other bandwidth sharing apps, simply amazing.
Clebher Newmaker
Reviewed on TrustPilot

2. Honeygain

What is Honeygain?


Just like Peer2Profit, Honeygain is an app that pays users for sharing their Internet connection.

It was started in 2018. Probably it was the first of its kind.
Currently, Honeygain covers more than 150+ countries.

Honeygain’s easy-to-use UI is a stellar advantage over its competitors.

Note: If you want to know more about Honeygain, I’ve covered everything in detail in the ‘Honeygain Review 2022’. Feel free to have a read.

Supported Platforms

Currently, the 100% passive income app, Honeygain, is available for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux (Docker)

That means, no matter whether you’re searching for “Android Passive Income Apps” or “iOS Passive Income Apps“;
Honeygain is a MUST!

How Much Can You Earn with Honeygain?

Though Honeygain was the first such app to be launched, its rates are usually not as high as those of its competitors.

That being said, Honeygain offers diverse ways to increase your income.

There are two primary ways to earn money with Honeygain- Network Sharing and Content Delivery.

Also, Honeygain offers its users “a chance to win up to 10,000 credits ($10) every day“.
They call it ‘Lucky Pot’.
It’s really an incredible way to increase your daily income and reach the minimum payout threshold faster.

Using Honeygain, expect to make anywhere from $4 to $20 monthly.

Note that, your daily income will fluctuate depending on your location, number of IPs connected, referrals, etc.

Honeygain Referral Program

Another great way to boost your passive income is Honeygain’s Referral Program.


For every friend, you invite to Honeygain, you’ll make an extra 10% of their daily earnings, as a reward.

In return, your friend will get a special $5 bonus using your link.

How to Sign Up on Honeygain?

  1. Visit Honeygain or click the button below.
  1. Click on the ‘Claim $5 now’ button.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password. Or sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
  3. And your earning begins!

Payout Methods

Honeygain doesn’t support too many payout options.
Yet, you’ll find the most common ones actively present.

Currently, Honeygain supports the following withdrawal methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • JMPT (JumpToken)

Minimum Withdrawal Limit: $20 for PayPal and Bitcoin. No limit on JMPT.

Payments are usually fast, taking at most 2 days to get credited to your account.

Honeygain Payment Proof

There’s no doubt whether Honeygain is a legit passive income app or a scam.
It’s certainly a safe and legit app.

And here’s the proof…

Credits: Reddit

Honeygain Review

The fact that Honeygain rates 4.5 with 6090 reviews on TrustPilot is itself a mark of legitimacy.

Solid 100% Legit!

Recommend every new user to immediately start free earning by joining Honeygain!
Will give 5 STARS only when the transaction fee is below 1 dollar (present fee $ 2.41)
Keep up the good work HONEYGAIN!!! Thanks.
Reviewed on TrustPilot

3. McMoney

What is McMoney?


McMoney is probably the most passive app on this list.

Owned by, McMoney is one of the easiest ways to earn money by receiving SMS.

It’s freakin’ crazy but all you’ve to do is to install the app and start getting paid to receive SMS.

Everything is automatic, and you won’t even have to open the app ever, once it’s all set up.

Supported Platforms

That may not sound cool to all, but…

McMoney is an Android-only app because Android allows us to process the results of the SMS test messages we send to your phone.”

How Much Money Can You Earn with McMoney?

Honestly, McMoney is not one of those apps that pay huge, but certainly, it pays without any effort from your side.

“You will be paid for every received SMS that got recognized by our server. The amount differs per country and is shown in the McMoney app in ‘Earnings’.”

Usually, for each message you receive, you can expect to earn a minimum of $0.01.

Make sure you don’t set unrealistically high expectations with McMoney, and you’re good to go.

McMoney Referral Program

McMoney also has a Referral Program.

After successfully creating an account, you’ll get a special code. Upon referring people through your code, both of you will get a special bonus.
It’s a win-win for both.

Code: V5UR747R

I hope you’ll use our code.🥺
You’ll get a special bonus on using it.
On our part, this helps to sustain Passive Plunders for our beloved readers.😊

How to Sign Up on McMoney?

  1. Download the McMoney app on your Android device.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Register with your phone number.
  4. Get a special bonus with the Code: V5UR747R
  5. That’s it! Start earning money receiving SMS.

Payout Methods

Currently, McMoney supports only one payout optionPayPal.

Fair enough, you necessarily need a PayPal account to start earning money with McMoney to receive SMS.

Credits: Howtech

Minimum Withdrawal Limit: $1

McMoney Payment Proof

I’ve successfully withdrawn the earnings I made while sleeping🤭, just to receive test messages.

You’ll find the payment proof for McMoney in the pics below…


McMoney Review

There’s no doubt that McMoney is a legit passive income app that certainly pays even while you sleep.

Paid out once

Paid out once, and everything went smooth. For some free passive income, I can´t complain.
Benjamin Klatzer
Reviewed on TrustPilot

In case, you need more information, you can refer to “Top 3 Legit Apps to Get Paid to Receive SMS”.


I’ve said it earlier, and I’ll say it again…

The legit passive income apps I’ve listed above, are one of the best ways to make money without any work, even while you’re asleep.

Try skipping them only at your risk.

The fact that you can make passive income today, is astonishingly awesome.

Gone are the days, when you had to grind, to put food on the table.
Yeah, you can earn money doing nothing, these days.

And we, at Passive Plunders, are putting our hearts and souls to spread awareness about online income opportunities.


That being said, I would love to hear from you.🤗
Don’t hesitate to share your favorite passive income apps from the list, or any add-on you would like to include.

Share with your loved ones and help them make extra money doing nothing!

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  1. I’ve started using Peer2Profit app.
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