get 200 rupees instantly in your paytm wallet now with the fastest way to earn money called rozdhan which is india's highest paying app without any investment

Earning money with Paytm has always intrigued me. There is cashback on almost everything and lots of offers as well. But, what if I tell you that you can get Rs. 200 or more instantly in your Paytm wallet almost doing nothing, right now and right there.

Seems impossible? Then, let me prove you wrong!

What are we talking about?

Owing to safe and easy transactions and that too without any authentication(KYC) until recently, Paytm became a name of fame. Brands started collaborating with Paytm which further improved its userbase.

Disclosure: I’m into transparency, so please know that this post may contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission, if you purchase a paid plan.

Generally talking, Paytm for India is what PayPal is for the world. So, it’s high time to create an account on Paytm and get started with it.

So, get your Paytm set up and get ready to get a credit of Rs. 200 instantly and over 1 lac rupees per month.

How to earn money from RozDhan- India's Highest Paying app. It gives money for completing surveys, downloading apps and playing games. Download and signup on rozdhan now.

We will use an app called RozDhan -India’s Highest Paying app. RozDhan is one of the best apps to make money online in India. It has the most interesting user interface we have ever come across!

6 Magic Steps

1. Download RozDhan

First things first, you need to download the official RozDhan app from this link.

The most important thing, now, is to enter a ‘referral code’.

Code- 0F8LIN

Passive Plunders special code

If you don’t enter a referral code during signup, you lose an opportunity to earn Rs. 55 instantly.

So, whatever code you enter, it’s of least importance, but, entering a genuine code is a must!

In case, you appreciate our efforts to help people make money online without any investments, you can enter our referral code. This helps us to keep this blog absolutely free for our readers!

  • Credit>> Rs. 55
  • Net Value>> Rs. 55

2. Finish New User Campaign Offer

Get instant bonus on successful registration or signup of new user in rozdhan. Rs. 80 instant bonus on rozdhan. Instant withdrawal supported in rozdhan.

The ongoing campaign in RozDhan is all that you can expect for free.

In just some easy steps like watching tutorials, and reading terms and conditions, etc. , you can make money during signup completion.

Complete every step of the campaign and extra bonus as well.

  • Credit>> Rs. 25
  • Net Value>> Rs. 80

3. Complete Some Tasks

The dashboard is full of amazing tasks and offers. There are points for almost anything you do on the app.

earn money by downloading apps, signups, completing surveys, playing games, watching videos and reading articles on rozdhan, india's highest paying app.

The biggest earnings come from downloading apps and user registrations. Also, you need not worry about your credentials. All the apps and websites up on the RozDhan dashboard, are legit and verified.

The greatest part is it literally takes very little time to complete the tasks. And the rewards are credited instantly.

Considering you go through the tasks for approx. 5-10 minutes, you can easily make Rs. 50+.

  • Credit>> Rs. 60(avg.)
  • Net Value>> Rs. 140

4. Complete Some Surveys

The most commendable part of RozDhan is the fact that it is full of high-paying surveys.

earn money by completing surveys on rozdhan app india's highest paying app. daily new surveys to complete and get rewarded more. earn coins easily on rozdhan with rewarding surveys

One can easily make Rs. 40+ with these surveys. They are available almost everytime. And they are very short. Thus, it is really convenient to complete them.

  • Credit>>Rs. 45
  • Net Value>>Rs. 185

5. Referral Program

This is one thing you can’t ignore about RozDhan. Its good enough to earn money passively.

profitable referral and affiliate network on rozdhan that helps to make money easily in india by referring people to rozdhan and create a referral network to earn money passively from rozdhan

The RozDhan Referral Program changes frequently, always improving. Thus, it is difficult to say anything about its future conditions.

Presently, there are 3000 coins~12 Rs. instant reward for the first referral. For 2nd to 5th- it’s Rs. 6.5. It increases as your referral count increases and goes up to Rs. 8.5 for 500+ referrals.

  • Credit>>Rs. 20(avg.)
  • Net Value>>Rs. 200+

6. Redeem Your Rewards

The minimum withdrawal limit for RozDhan is Rs. 200, generally.

On some special tasks, there is a withdrawal option available after completion. It is sometimes as low as Rs. 1.

Yes, you can withdraw Rs. 1 also. Isn’t it amazing?



While it may seem impossible, but it’s so true that people are making over 1 lac+ every month with this application called RozDhan.

Their transparency in Rankings proves their legibility, once again!

highest earning users ranking list in rozdhan for both the week and the month with users earning in lakhs in a week with referral network of rozdhan india's highest paying app

Thus, RozDhan is 100% trusted and PP-Verified. More importantly, it’s so much fun to complete mini-tasks and pile money on the side with RozDhan.

Also, RozDhan is not just about this opportunity to earn Rs. 200 instantly, but, you can earn more than 1 lac per month. It’s completely possible and many users are doing it every month.

So, join it as soon as possible and start earning money from the highest-paying app in India!

And this marks the end of the ‘6 Magic Steps to get Rs. 200+ instantly in your PayTM Wallet in 2020’. But, our magical articles are yet to roll out. So, stay tuned on ‘Passive Plunders’ and keep sharing!

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