Nothing can be more soothing than listening to one of your favorite songs. It not only refreshes the mind but also helps to overcome any bit of burnout due to daily chores. Still, you would be least willing to spend money in order to listen to songs, right? It happens. Never mind, we bring you the latest legit tricks to get a Gaana Plus subscription for free, no strings attached.

Gaana is currently the top music streaming platform in India. It has more downloads than any of its tough competitors like Google Play Music, JioSaavn or Wynk, etc. It holds roughly 30% market share in the music industry in India. Secondly, it is also quite cheaper than global leaders like Spotify.

Source: Kantar

Additionally, Gaana also offers podcasts and short videos service called ‘HotShots’. Yes, you can even earn money by uploading your own podcasts and short videos just as in TikTok.

In short, you don’t need to Google up ‘gaana vs saavn’ or ‘gaana vs wynk’ or ‘gaana vs spotify’ anymore. Gaana is the ultimate winner in India.

Benefits of Gaana Plus


Like any other music streaming service, Gaana, too, has both free and paid plans. The free plan offers very limited features, and it’s better to opt for a paid one if you are a real music-savvy.

  • Unlimited song downloads
  • Ad-free experience
  • Premium content
  • Access to HD music of 320 kbps for both streaming and downloading songs
  • Over 50 million songs
  • Works on upto 5 devices
  • Online radio
  • Social interactivity

Imagine getting all these premium features for free with a legit Gaana Plus subscription.

Overwhelmed? Then, let’s enlist the latest ways/hacks to get a premium subscription from Gaana for free. Your search for a Gaana Plus coupon or premium gaana plus mod app will end here. Excited? Then, dive right in.

Ways to Get Free Gaana Plus Subscription

Currently, the cost for a Gaana Plus subscription is Rs. 399/yr reduced from Rs. 999/yr originally.

But, we’ll tell you the various ways to get it for free and that too legitimately.

1. Growfitter Referral Program

Growfitter, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one health and fitness tool. From workouts and meal plans to finding nearby gyms, this app alone is all you need to get.


You can also set your workout targets on the app and upon achieving them, you will get extra prizes.

But, what is more interesting about Growfitter is its ‘Referral Program’.

You can refer your friends to Growfitter and win rewards. These include premium subscriptions and latest gadgets like Apple iWatch and Apple Airpods 2. You can also redeem the points for Amazon vouchers.

One such referral reward is a premium Gaana Plus Subscription. You will be thrilled to know that you need to refer only one person to get a 3 months Gaana Plus subscription for free.


  • Download the Growfitter app from the Google Playstore. Click on the button below.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Enter the referral code.


Passive Plunders Special Code
  • Complete the Signup.
  • Go to the ‘Refer Now’ option from the dashboard.
  • Copy your referral code and ask your friends to signup using the code.
  • After 1 successful referral, go to referral rewards section.
  • Redeem your 1 referral point for Gaana Plus 3-months subscription.

Similarly, you can refer more friends and earn other exciting rewards using Growfitter.

2. Times Prime Offer

Times Prime is the all-in-one membership for premium benefits across shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, etc.


It is something which you will never ever regret buying. On an average, each member saves around Rs. 60,000/yr with a Times Prime membership which costs around Rs. 750/yr on average.

Times Prime offers almost all popular subscriptions at a very reasonable price or sometimes even for free. For example, you can get a Zee5 1-year premium subscription, 3-months Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership, 1-year Times Of India subscription, and many more, for free.

Gaana Plus subscription for a whole year can also be bought for free via Times Prime.


  • Visit Times Prime Page. Click on the button below.
  • Enter mobile number/email and complete the signup process.
  • Use the referral code to get an extra discount.


  • Purchase the 1-year Times Prime subscription.
  • Click on the Gaana tab on the dashboard.
  • Avail of the special Gaana Plus coupon.

Once you have successfully bought the Times Prime membership, you can buy many subscriptions for free. Also, there are special discounts for the paid members on Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, etc.

3. Gaana Plus Coupon Code

Another way to get Gaana Plus subscription for free, is to use special coupons.

Generally, all coupon codes have a certain time validity and become useless once the time passes. Also, working coupons are hard to find.


  • Download Gaana app and login into your account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on ‘Redeem Coupon’ option.
  • Apply the coupon given below.


Passive plunders special code
  • Add any payment option. (No deductions)
  • Your 90 days premium Gaana Plus subscription will be activated instantly.

Note– 1-The code given above is tested and working as on post upload time. 2-Cancel your subscription before 90 days( if you want to discontinue), otherwise, charges for the next plan cycle will get deducted automatically.

4. Flipkart Supercoins Redemption

If you are a shopping-savvy and prefer online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, etc., then, this one is particularly cut out for you.

I hope you are not unaware about ‘Supercoins’, which is Flipkart’s own digital currency.( not in the literal sense)


Let me summarize to ensure we’re on the same track. For every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart, users get 2 supercoins. If you’re a Flipkart Plus member, you will get 4 supercoins for the same amount along with many other exclusive features.

Flipkart supercoins are valuable assets. They can be used to save money while shopping, buy a Flipkart Plus membership and most importantly, exciting rewards like free subscriptions and extra discount coupons.

You must have sensed until now. Yes, Flipkart also offers a free Gaana Plus membership, redeemable via supercoins. 100 in absolute number.


  • Go to Flipkart website or open the app.
  • Navigate to ‘SuperCoin Zone’.
  • Amongst various rewards, you’ll find a 6-month Gaana Plus subscription.
  • Click on the ‘Claim Now’ button.
  • You’ll get a special coupon code post successful deduction of 100 supercoins.

5. VISA Card Offer

Different Credit & Debit Card companies offer exclusive perks to its users. VISA among one of those. So, if you own a VISA card, it’s time to bring it out and avail a premium 3-months Gaana Plus subscription for free.


  • Sign in on the Gaana app.
  • Navigate to “Coupons” through the settings icon.
  • Enter the coupon code below.


passive plunders special code
  • In the Payment option, enter the VISA card details. ( you won’t be charged until the expiry of the free trial period)
  • Enjoy your free Gaana Plus for 3 months.

Note- Don’t forget to cancel the subscription before the expiry date if you’re uninterested in renewing it.

6. Goibibo Train Booking


If you love to travel via train, you again, stand a chance to get Gaana plus at absolutely no cost legitimately.


  • While booking train tickets, use promocode- ‘GOGAANA’.
  • You’ll get an exclusive Gaana Plus coupon.
  • Redeem it on Gaana app.
  • Gaana Plus membership will be activated automatically.

Note- This offer is valid till 31st Mar’21 only.

7. Gaana Plus Trial Offer


If you are a new user to Gaana or one who has never thought about investing in a paid music service, this one is for you.


  • Download the Gaana app.
  • Signup/ sign in to your account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the option ‘Buy Gaana Plus @Rs. 1 Now’.
  • Enter valid Debit/Credit card details.
  • Gaana Plus will be activated for a month automatically.

Note- If you want to discontinue the Plus subscription, cancel it before 30 days, else, charges for the next plan cycle will be deducted automatically from your default payment option.

More Ways for Free Gaana Plus

There are some not-so-popular ways to get Gaana Plus subscription as well.

Brands keep collaborating with each other and offer special discounts/coupons.

You may find such offers with telecommunication companies like Airtel, Reliance Jio, etc. Sometimes, banks offer special perks to its users.

Thus, there can be many more ways to get Gaana Plus for free. It depends on what services you use and what rewards they provide. Paytm had been offering a free subscription for Gaana Plus for 6 months. This offer ended in 2020.

Another legit way is to keep looking for coupon codes. There are many sites available in the market, just for coupons. These coupons will get you a hefty discount if not for free.

At last, the best way would be to keep yourself updated at ‘Passive Plunders‘. We will keep updating the article with more fresh tricks from time to time.


This brings us to the conclusion of the article. With so many ways posted above, you won’t have any hassle in getting a Gaana Plus membership for free.

We don’t promote using any modified app/ mod apk for getting premium features of any service.

Hopefully, we will cover this in some other in-depth guide. But, just to hint, mod apps are cracked applications with severe drawbacks and may eventually put you and your device to risk.

A Hacked or Cracked App can never replace the Perks of a Premium Membership.

So, this was all for Gaana- the ultimate music streaming service in India. With the benefits of a premium Plus subscription, you can listen to the latest songs at the highest quality without any ads. Enjoy!

Hope you liked the post and let me know in the comments section whether you want more of such detailed guides to get premium subscriptions for free. We would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned and keep sharing!

Stay Rich!

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