This is big news for all the online shoppers who are planning to buy lots of stuff this festive season. This year, the budget won’t be a restriction. Guess what? You can save extra even on slashed prices. Now. we’re talking about CashKaro: India’s Most Rewarding Cashback Site.

What is CashKaro

how to earn cashback with cashkaro- India's best cashback site

Founded by Swati & Rohan Bhargava, is India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons site. They have been operating since 2013 and have over 5 million registered users.

They are backed by Mr. Ratan Tata & one of India’s leading VC firms, Kalaari Capital. CashKaro is a one-stop destination for savings across 1500+ e-commerce sites like, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

While CashKaro is best known as a Cashback & Coupons site, they are also the best place to find great offers. Whether you’re looking for mobiles, travel, fashion, or something else; CashKaro offers you the best deals and coupons.

How to Join CashKaro

Joining CashKaro is super easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Simply, click on the ‘Join with FaceBook’ button. or
  • Input your Name, Email, Password, Mobile, Security code.
  • Check the box – ‘I agree with Terms and Policy’.
  • Finally, click on the Sign-Up button.

Note- Once you have completed the Sign-Up process, you can avail of cashback either via their website or their app(available for both Android and iOS).

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CashKaro is a one-stop destination for Indians who prefer to shop online. This is what over 5 million users say about it. Just to ensure we are on the same track, I list a few features CashKaro offers:

  1. It is the most trusted cashback site in India.
  2. Besides shopping sites, you can avail of cashback for any subscription, you buy for any service. Eg- Zee5, Hotstar.
  3. It is an online shopping hub as well. You can select all the fancy categories & choose your favorite product to buy at the best prices.
  4. It is a cross-platform price comparison tool. I can’t emphasize enough the usefulness of this trait. Guess what? only this can save you a very significant money with cashkaro                            This is how CashKaro provides me all the best rates available on different shopping sites and gets me the best price.
  5. You can apply for a full-time job at CashKaro via their site. Wanna apply? Visit here.
  6. Students can join its ‘Student Representative Program‘ and avail of exciting incentives and perks. In return for all this stuff, the joining students will have to promote CashKaro in their colleges and amongst friends, relatives, etc. The more you promote, the more you earn. There is no official limit to how much money you can make via this program, only, if you are a student, full of energy and vigor.
  7. CashKaro also has an awesome blog where they post about upcoming and active shopping sales. Also, the best ways to make the most out of such deals and offers. You will also find buying guides like “Top 10 Mobiles under 50000 Rs in 2020”. These are very useful when you are awestruck and can’t decide what to go for.

And if they weren’t enough reasons for you to get on CashKaro…Sign up is absolutely free! Join CashKaro now!

How to Earn Cashback

make money with cashkaro

It can’t be easier than this. Plz follow:

  • Choose the product you want to buy.
  • Search it on CashKaro to compare prices.
  • Click on the store providing the cheapest price.
  • Now, you’ll be navigated to that store.
  • Add the required product to the cart.
  • Complete the transaction.

Hey dear, just keep in mind, to add products to the cart every time you want to purchase. To be on the safe side. You might not receive cashback for a purchase that was already added to the cart.

My Note– Every time I shop on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. I add the item, that I like, to the wishlist, instead of the cart/bag. Then I open CashKaro, go to that store, open wishlist, open this product again, just to add it to cart this time, and proceed.

You know what? I forgot to get this Note patented again. Eew! Nevermind, this means, you can use this certified trick as much as you want. Without any ado, all cashback/rewards will follow.

Cashback or Rewards

CashKaro pays you for every transaction according to the different rates for every retailer. You either get cash back or rewards.

While in most cases, cashback and rewards are the same as a type of earnings. Yet, there is a slight difference between the two.

Cashback as the name suggests is a fraction of the transaction amount which you get back, in case, you use CashKaro. Cashback rates vary for each retailer.

On the other hand, ‘Rewards’ are a sort of cashback, applicable only for Amazon and Flipkart.

In terms of value, 1 Reward = 1 Rupee.

The bigger difference- Cashback can be transferred directly to a bank account whereas rewards can be redeemed for Amazon/Flipkart Gift Cards only.

What if Cashback is Missing?

Generally, the cashback/reward is tracked within 72 hours. In case, the retailer exceeds time, you will be notified.

Honestly, managing over 5 million users isn’t very easy. So, there is always a slight possibility of your transaction not being tracked. Hush! What then?.. Yeah, as I already said, CashKaro is as reliable as you could assume it to be.

Adding a ‘support ticket’ concerning missing cashback really helps in such circumstances. Just make sure to post the ticket within 10 days of the purchase.

Steps to Avail Missing Cashback:

  1. Click on the ‘My Account’ menu at the top-right corner of the CashKaro website/app.
  2. Choose ‘Missing Cashback’ from the submenu.
  3. ‘Add Missing Ticket’ window will to avail missing cashback on cashkaro
  4. Fill in all the details regarding your order. It is always better to add a snapshot of the order while submitting the ticket to increase your credibility.
  5. Submit the ticket.

Finally, you are done. Now, be sure enough, if the details were correct, your cashback/reward will soon come running to you.

How to Redeem Cashback/Rewards

Once tracked, CashKaro takes up to 90 days to confirm your cashback/rewards. After successful verification, you can redeem them.

Just a critical reminder; cashback can be transferred directly to an Indian bank account via NEFT(no charges) or redeemed for Amazon/Flipkart Gift Cards. On the other side, rewards can only be redeemed for the stated Gift Cards and can not be transferred to bank accounts.

You can also donate your cashback and rewards to charity. And prove your kindness and philanthropy.

The payment threshold for both cashback and rewards is 250 Rs.

No matter how many orders you make, the total value of cashback/rewards independently should be at least 250 Rs. to initiate a payment withdrawal request.

Steps to Request a Payment:

1) log in to CashKaro and click My Account and check the My Earnings tab.

2)Now, you can see your pending as well as confirmed earnings.

3)Choose between ‘Request Cashback Payment’ and ‘Request Rewards Payment’.

request payment on cashkaro

4)You’ll be redirected to the payment page.

5)In the ‘Choose Payment Method’ menu, you can choose from:

a)Bank Transfer(NEFT)

b)Amazon Gift Card

c)Flipkart Gift Card

request bank transfer on cashkaro

6)You need to enter the required details for the respective option.

Following all the above steps, your payment request will be successfully accepted.

For Bank Transfer, processing payments can take up to 8 days. Whereas for the other options, it is much quicker and at most take 5 days.

Now, this is ‘RECYCLING’ of money!

CashKaro Referral Program

CashKaro has a recurring referral program, i.e., you earn a lifetime commission for every referral you invite.

The commission rate is 10%.

cashkaro refer and earn

This is a golden opportunity if you have a large social circle. You can refer them to CashKaro and earn a 10 percent commission for every cashback/reward they earn, at no extra cost to them.

My Tip- Refer at least 1 person a day to CashKaro, explain to him/her how CashKaro works and how they can save money on every online order they make.

Thus, without any doubt, to save money on online purchases, you need CashKaro at all costs. Give it a try if you are not convinced. There’s a lot on the table to grab with CashKaro. Happy Savings!

Join CashKaro

At last, can we ask you for a favor?… Spread the word and also we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Stay Rich!

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