Freebies Left to Win: 1

In this ‘Freebie’ post, we have Gaana+ 1 Month Premium Subscription, worth Rs. 99, up for grab.

All you need to win the freebie is to:

  1. Enter your Name & Email in the form below.
  2. Complete the simple tasks mentioned.
  3. And Enjoy Gaana+ Premium Subscription!

All Freebies on “Passive Plunders” are absolutely free to win!
We never ask for credit card details or any such payment mode info.

What is Gaana+ Premium Subscription?

Gaana, is the top music streaming service in India.
Apart from music, Gaana, also offers podcasts & short videos.

It has two types of plans-

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan (Gaana Plus)

While the free plan is quite limited in every sense, Gaana+ has tons of benefits.


The premium benefits include:

  • Unlimited song downloads
  • Ad-free experience
  • Premium content
  • Access to HD music of 320 kbps for both streaming and downloading songs
  • Over 50 million songs
  • Works on up to 5 devices
  • Online radio
  • Social interactivity

So, if you want to enjoy the premium features of Gaana+ for a complete month, worth Rs. 99, for FREE, you’ve arrived.

Freebie Rules:

  • Complete the tasks with the same ‘Name’ & ‘Email’ as entered in the “Freebie Form”.
  • Rewards will be emailed to the same email address within 2 days (at max) of successful verification.
  • Following all the steps mentioned in the tasks, is mandatory for successful verification.
  • The quantity of freebies left is specified under the post title, and is updated regularly.
  • Only the first task finishers will get rewarded.
    For ex- If there are 3 freebies, the first 3 to complete the tasks will get rewarded.
  • Users who failed to finish early, won’t be contacted.

Note: The entries you fill in the form are matched with the entries of task completion. Upon successful verification, freebies are rewarded to the deserving participants.

In case of any query, contact us here.

Freebie Form

All that's between you & this premium freebie, are a few easy tasks🤩
Hurry up! Fill out this form & redeem it now!

Code for this freebie – “GAANA1M”


Your favorite freebie is up for the win!
Hurry up! Before your friend grabs it!🎁


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Your freebie will be rewarded as soon as possible🏃‍♂️.

And in case you missed it,😭
Don’t worry! We have tons of freebies coming up!
Stay tuned!

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